We provide on site training in the use of Cad Zone software. We provide training from the basic user to the most advanced user of
Crash Zone / Crime Zone or Pocket Zone softwares.
We also instruct advanced techniques in computer animations and
Crash Zones Reconstruction Calculator. Our training incorporates both field exercises and classroom instruction.
If your looking for scene documentation training. I provide some of the most comprehensive training around at affordable prices. I provide intensive instruction in the use of Pocket Zone with various laser measuring devices. If you use a Total Station or Laser Technology Laser system. I can provide you with the most up to date training. I have trained agencies in laser mapping using Nikon, Leica, Sokkia and Topcon Stations. I have also taught mapping using LTI Laser LR 200 20-20 using Triangulation, Baseline Offset and Stationline formats. I also teach the use of LTI's Impulse Laser with the MapStar Angle Encoder. 
We have our own mobile computer lab with 9 desktops and 8 rugged laptop computers. These computers have all the software preloaded to maximize your learning experience with Cad Zones software.
This computer lab can be brought to your agency to maximize the number of students you can send to the training.
I also have several different laser mapping systems that can be made available for use during your mapping training. This allows more hands-on experience during the field exercises.